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Information added (date added):

Following are plans for future family research:

  • Information to be posted on Telzak family members who were at Dachau.

  • Information to be posted about Gordon family (Fanny Telzak and Julius Gordon) from Kedainiai.

  • Information to be posted on the siblings and parents of Goodman Telzer's wife Dora Eyruf.

  • England records to be checked for two Telzaks (married to Gordons) that were in England around 1890.

  • Additional vital records (birth, marriage, and death) from Vandziogala expected to become available.

  • Information on immigrant generation's children to be gathered and posted.

  • Passenger ship records information to be added to this site.

  • Continuing research to find and contact descendants of the various Telzer/Telzak lines. Only descendants of Goodman, Israel, Gerts and Anna have been found and contacted to date. Hopefully, additional photos and other family information will be located.

  • Find Telzak descendants in Israel.

  • Find and contact descendants of related Chasens in the U.S.

  • Addditional census research to be pursued on the immigrant generation and their children.

  • Family reunion video to be duplicated.

  • Additional issues of Telzer/Telzak Family History Newsletter to be published. The newsletter can include information that is not included online due to privacy concerns.

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