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Two of the Telzer sisters married Gordons.  This page includes information on those family lines.

Anna Telzak and Jacob Gordon

Anna (Chaya Tauba Telzak, born 1856) married Jacob (Yakov) Gordon. Anna and Jacob are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. There is strong evidence that Jacob Gordon's family came from Cekiske, Lithuania. Cekiske was known by the Yiddish name of Chaikishok and also as Chekiska.  It is located 24 miles northwest of Kaunas.

Jacob Gordon's stone in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn is inscribed in Hebrew as "Yakov ben Yudel" (search on the name Gordon in the Keidan Cemetery database for details) indicating that his father's name is Yudel.  It also shows that he was born in 1859 and that his mother's name is Gussie Rosen. (Note: The Anshe Kadan section of Washington Cemetery includes those who came from several towns in Lithuania besides Kedainiai such as Vandziogala, Cekiske, and others.)

Although JewishGen's All Lithuania Database includes numerous Gordons, only one is a close match (use a Global Text Search such as Gordon and Cekiske to reduce the results to a manageable number).  In the 1874 Family List for Cekiske is found a Yankel Gordon, 16 years old, son of Iudel Kalman Gordon, 40 years old.  Iudel's wife is shown as Gitel, age 40 (Gitel often became Gussie in the U.S.).  Other family members include Chaya Reyze, 10, David Mordkhel, 6, and Rise, 8.  Rise, easily translated to Rose, is particularly interesting since Anna and Jacob Gordon had two daughters named Rose (Raizel), one having died at an early age.   Iudel Kalman's father's name is shown as Mordkhel.  Also shown in the 1874 family list is Mordkhel's widow, Roche Pese, age 56, with daughter Gene Gite (who would be Iudel's sister), age 19.  Iudel Kalman (son of Mordkhel) Gordon is also shown again in a 1868 military list, age 34, as a relative of a Nosel (son of Israel Zelman) Gordon.

Washington Cemetery includes two other Gordons that appear related: Vigdor Gordon (Avigdor ben Shlomo Zalman) and his wife Aidie.  The 1874 Cekiske Family List shows Vigdor Gordon (age 32), son of Zelman, and his wife Eyde (age 33) and their family, Chaya, 8, Ite, 6, Mikhel, 1, and Yakov, 4. 

The Cekiske Dec. 1868 military records in the All Lithuania Database show Mordkhel (son of Girsha), age 49, died in 1868 as Head of Household with Vigder (son of Zelman) Gordon, age 26 as a relative; so Vigder and Mordkhel are related in some way. Another section of the Dec. 1868 military records also shows Vigdre (son of Zelman) Gordon as a relative of brothers Zelman Girsha and Abram.  A number of other persons are shown in the military records as relatives as well.

Based on the information found, the family detail on the Gordon family that Anna married into may be summarized as follows:  Julius (Yudel Kalman) Gordon was born in 1834 as was his wife Gussie (Gitel) Rosen.  Their children included Jacob (Yakov also known as Yankel), 1858, as well as Chaya Reyze, 1864, Rise, 1866, and David Mordkhel, 1868.  Julius' father (and Jacob's grandfather, of course) was Mordkhel Gordon, born 1808 and died 1868.  Mordkhel and his wife Roche Pese (born 1818) had at least two other children, Chaim, 1850, and Gene Gite, 1855.  Mordkhel's father was Girsha Gordon.  Chaim married Rivka (born 1852) and they had at least one child, Mordkhel (1873), who was named after Chaim's father.  Vigdor Gordon (born 1842) was related in some manner to Mordkhel (born 1808). 

Fanny Telzak and Julius Gordon

Fanny (Fruma Tsirka Telzak, born 1863) married Julius (Yehuda) Gordon. Fanny and Julius are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. It appears that Julius' family came from Kedainiai (formerly known as Keidan or Keydany), Lithuania. 

Additional information on this Gordon family will be posted here shortly. 

If you are related to any of the Gordon family members, we would love to hear from you. Contact info is at the bottom of the home page.

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