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Shmuel Telzak's wife, Sifra Chasen was shown (as Sifra Telzak) in the Vandziogala Lithuania 1874 Family List at age 47, indicating that she was born about 1827.  Her father, Leyb (or Leyba) Chasen, was born about 1797 (shown as Khazen in the 1874 Family List).  Leyb was married to Gitka, who was born about 1800.  Leyb died in December 1875 and was buried in Vandziogala.  Leyb Chasen and Gitka had at least three children: Sifra and her brothers Nekhemiya Iosel (born about 1824) and Itska (or Itsik) Chasen (born about 1827/1834).  Leyb Chasen's father was Gershon who had at least one other child, Movsha (born about 1799).  Movsha's wife Rivka was born about 1803.  The 1847 Vandziogala Family List also shows Leyb (as Leyba Hazan/Khazan).

Sifra's brother Itska Chasen (the 1874 records show Khazon) was married to Enta who was known as Yetta when she came to the U.S. in 1911 to live with her son Harry (also known as Gersen) and his family.  Itska Chasen and his wife Enta had four known children: Golda (1858), Gutman (1862), Feyga (1866), and Gersen (Harry) (1878).  Enta Chasen arrived in the U.S. on the S.S. Finland which left Antwerp on 6/17/1911 and arrived in NYC on 6/30/1911 (see the passenger record information at Ellis Island Records for Jonte Chasan).  She is shown as leaving Bobh (which would be Bobt, a town near Vandziogala, which is also known as Babtai).  Enta is shown as having a daughter, Hene Chasen, living in Bobt in Kovno province.  Enta is shown as a 55 year old married housewife who is enroute to her son G. Chasan at 99 E. Broadway, NYC. 

A Pese Leah Chasen (born 1850) would have been another relative.  Pese Leah married Abba Mordechai Langman.  An H. Chasen was a witness at the wedding of one of Pese's Leah's sons, Oscar Langman.  The witnesses at the wedding of one of Pese Leah's daughters, Annie Langman, were Harry Chasen and Abraham Telzer.

(Many of the records referenced above are in the All Lithuania Database found at JewishGen.  The information is constructed from several different records including family lists and tax records.)

Itska Chasen's son Harry married his wife Rose Raibstein about 1903.  Harry and Rose arrived in New York City on 3/27/1904 on the ship Pennsylvania from Hamburg (see the passenger record information at Ellis Island Records for Gerschon and Rassel Chasan).  Harry Chasen and Rose had four known children in New York:  Lillian (1/7/1905), Isidore who probably became known as Irving (8/7/1907), Abraham (9/23/1908) and Morton (11/17/1917).  Abraham died in New York on 6/8/1941 and is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery.  Harry (who was a house painter, probably with Goodman Telzer) and his family lived at 99 E. Broadway in Manhattan in 1910.  He also lived there when he filed a Naturalization Petition in 1913.  He was naturalized in 1917.  In 1920 Harry and his family (along with his mother Yetta) lived at 2315 Railroad Ave., Brooklyn, NY.  (Ike Telzer also lived at 2315 Railroad Ave. when he died on 1/29/1920.)  Harry's mother Yetta died 6/30/1921 (ten years to the day after she arrived in the U.S.) and is buried in Montefiore Cemetery, St. Albans, Queens County, NY.  In 1921, she lived at 2014 W. 25th St., Brooklyn, NY.  Her parents were Isaac Stein and Bessie Evans.

(Much of the information in the preceding paragraph comes from the 1910 and 1920 Federal Census.)

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