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Goodman (Gutman) Telzer arrived in the U.S. about 1884. He married Dora (Dubka) Eyruf on 8/4/1886. Goodman was born in 1864 and died on 3/22/1924 in New York City. Dora was born in 1867 and died on 4/13/1927 in NYC.  Goodman and Dora are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn.  Goodman and Dora had 8 children.  Descendants' surnames include Welinsky, Gorman, Wish, Spector, Freeman, Collik, Berzak, Oksenhendler, Reed, Van Baalen, Tilzer, Hargrove, and McFather.  See Goodman's Photo.

Goodman Telzer built a successful paint and glazing contracting business known as G. Telzer & Sons, which was located at 9 James St., NYC.

Goodman was a President of the B'nai Israel Anshei Kaidan shul and is buried in their section in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn. He came to the U.S. from the shtetl Vendzhigola (now known as Vandziogala in Lithuania) where 1874 records show that he was one of ten children of Shmuel and Sifra. At least one other child was born after 1874.

Vandziogala is located 12 miles south of Keidan (now known as Kedainiai) and 15 miles north of Kovno (now known as Kaunas). Goodman's wife came from Slobodka (Vilijampole), a suburb of Kovno.

The children of Goodman and Dora are Abraham, Louis, Sarah, Ida, Harry, Fannie, Samuel, and Rachel.

Abraham was born about 1886 and died on 5/17/1940.  He married Jennie.  They had 3 children: Estelle, Sylvia and Leonard.

Louis Telzer was born on 6/1/1888 in Haverstraw, NY and died on 8/17/1943.  He married Dinah Goldman who was born on 2/10/1892 and died on 6/9/1945.  They had 3 children: Ruth, Maurice and Irwin.

Sarah Telzer was born about 1889.  She married Charles Wish.  They had 2 daughters including one named Belle.

Ida Telzer was born about 1892.  She married Ali Horowitz.  They had no children.

Fannie Telzer was born about 1895.  She married Sam Welinsky.  They had 2 children.

Harry (Gershon) Telzer was born 5/13/1895 and died on 4/23/1973.  He married Fannie Peselnick on 12/11/1920.  Fannie was born on 12/14/1898 and died on 7/4/1983.  They had 3 children: Lawrence, Goodwin and Dorothy.

Samuel Telzer was born on 6/28/1898 and died on 6/11/1943.  He married Sophie Zimmerman.  They had 3 children including two daughters and a son named Goodwin.

Rachel Telzer was born about 1899 and died on 10/12/1980 in CA.  She married Edward Tilzer.  They had 4 children: a daughter and 3 sons including one named Norman.

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