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Gerts Telzak was born in 1859 in Vandziogala, Lithuania (then part of Russia) and died on 10/31/1926 in Kovno, Lithuania (now known as Kaunas). His wife, Rase Rivka Langman, died on 1/27/1938 in Kovno.  Gerts and Rase Rivka had at least 4 children: Leyba, Nesanel Ber, Efraim, and Simche.  A 5/4/1911 candle taxpayers' list showed Gerts Telzak living at 30 Dvornaya Street in Vilijampole. Following is Gert's passport picture from 1913 (click on it for a larger photo).


Vandziogala is located 12 miles south of Keidan (now known as Kedainiai) and 15 miles north of Kovno (now known as Kaunas). Gert Telzak and his family lived in Vandziogala at first and later in Slobodka (Vilijampole), a suburb of Kovno.

Leyba (Leib) Telzak was born on 3/12/1879.  Leyba married Chaya Mishelsky who was born about 1893 in Kovno.  A 5/4/1911 candle taxpayers' list showed Leib Telzak, son of Gerts, living at 8 Yatkovskaya Street in Vilijampole.  Leyba and Chaya had at least six children: Sheyna, Pesha, Tola, Shifra, Yakov, and Zalman.

Nesanel Ber Telzak was born on 12/5/1986 and died in 1945 after the liberation of Dachau.  Nesanel married Dobra Dvoira Birman.  According to an internal passport issued on 12/21/1920, Sane Berel Telzak, a butcher, lived at 46 Gardino St. in Kovno.  Nesanel Ber and Dobra Dvoira had at least six children:  Simcha, Yakov, Leib, Chaim, Gershon, and Chana.  Following are passport pictures of Nesanel Ber from 1930 and 1921 (click on each for a larger photo). 

Efraim (Avraham) Telzak died in Jurbarkas (Yurburg), Lithuania in 1941.  Efraim married Chiena Pesha Kobilkovsky who also died in Jurbarkas in 1941.  (The Kobilkovsky family had a long history in Jurbarkas.)  A 5/4/1911 candle taxpayers' list showed Efraim Telzak, son of Gerts, living at 30 Dvornaya Street in Vilijampole.  Avraham Telzak ran a sausage shop on Kovno St. in Jurbarkas (shown as a sausage shop for Telzek of Kovno Street on p. 498 of The Memorial Book for the Jewish Community of Yurburg, Lithuania (Jurbarkas, Lithuania)).   Ephraim Telzak's name was submitted in 1924 as a butcher on a list of candidates for the Community Council of Jurbarkas.  Hina Telzek of Kovno Street, Jurbarkas, is also mentioned on p. 498 of The Memorial Book for the Jewish Community of Yurburg, Lithuania (Jurbarkas, Lithuania).  Efraim and Chiena had a son named Mordechai who was born on 6/12/1922 in Kovno.  His birth certificate showed his parents living in Jurbarkas at the time.

Simcha Telzak was born on 6/6/1903 in Vilijampole.  She lived in Kovno in 1930 when her internal passport was issued and was unmarried at the time.

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